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GIPFEL 2489 Pan STONE 28 cm


  • Diameter-28 cm
  • Height-5.5 cm
  • Made of high quality cast aluminum
  • 2-layer marble – ceramic EXCILON coating – non-stick and easy to maintain, free of harmful PFOA (no heavy metals and nickel impurities)
  • More resistant to scratches than traditional coatings
  • The comfortable bakelite handle does not slip and does not heat up, which increases the safety
  • Thick bottom
  • Ideal heat distribution, quickly and evenly transmits the heat
  • Can be produced with a minimum or no fat
  • The pan should only be washed when it is completely cooled, which will increase its service life
  • It is not recommended to wash in a dishwasher and leave the frying pan empty on the fire for a long time (this will reduce the life of the pans)
  • Suitable for all types of cookers, including inductive.
  • Brand GIPFEL

The German company ‘Gipfel’ is a famous European brand producing kitchen tools and accessories.

Due to its high quality, aesthetics and simplicity, ‘Gipfel’ products gained popularity among people who appreciate healthy food very quickly. The company is developing dynamically and finds more and more new fans each year. The desire to achieve business excellence and special attention to the details has led to the worldwide recognition of the Gipfel brand.